Blackwoods Byway Corridor Committee
Downeast RC&D

Attending: John Brace, John Titus, Jim Fisher, Greg Burr, Gary Edwards, Rex Turner


Bureau of Parks and Lands – back country concept – John Titus and Rex Turner


Three day backpacking trails

Internal funding is available, but limited

Next steps

Tunk Lake Facility
Greg Burr - IFW

Rex Turner

John – this is going to require stewardship.  If ATV’s are going to park and walk into Little Pond (Franklin, near Donnell Pond)


Greg Burr – Spring River Lake

John Titus – Bracie Mountain

Catherine Mountain / Black Mountain

Byway Extension


Directional Signage

Need to post signs – Boat Launch 1,500 feet ahead

Matt Steel – in charge of signage
May want to take a tour of the byway – identify signage and other needs

DE Corridor Plan
Route 9, Route 1, Route 182
Will send link to web page

Meeting adjourned 3:00 PM