Blackwoods Byway





        Jim Fisher, HCPC

        Larry Johannesman, MaineDOT

        Gary Edwards, DE RC&D

        John Brace, Cherryfield

        John Titus, BP&L

        Charles Corliss, LURC

        Ashby Bladen, Friends of Tunk

        Andrew Sprague, Cherryfield


Review of the Corridor Management Plan


What we can do to further the Goals and Objectives



      Promotion of open space, scenic vistas, working landscape

      Litter and graffiti control



      Access management particularly for recreational users

      Long Pond

      Tunk Lake

      Spring River Lake

      Improving dangerous sections signage, slower speed postings, reflective posts

      Hole in the Wall

      Fox Pond

      Long Pond

      Paving and shoulder improvements throughout


Promoting Economy

      Improvements to recreational resources

      Tunk Lake Ramp and Parking - IF&W

      Vault Privy

      Information Kiosk

      Need to consult with IF&W (local warden Scott Osgood - )

      Dynamite Brook Road

      Clearing mid way that might be a picnic site

      Trailhead Improvements

      Spring River Lake

      BP&L still under pressure to provide motorize boat

      Might add picnic facilities to the Herrick Road end


Public Involvement and Education





Future Meetings and Events