All Terrain Vehicle Meeting - Off Road Vehicles

Franklin Community Center

08/24/04 6:00PM


John Titus - developing a management plan for this region

Scott Ramsy


Verne Labbe

David Rodrigues


Sherm McCaslin

Acadia ATV Club members

Donnell Pond Camp Owner

(Missed most of the names)



Purpose of the Meeting

·                    Did not have enough time in the Machias meeting to get input on ORV access in the area.

·                    Planning for the entire region.

·                    Management and stewardship of the resources:

·                    Public and political process


Current step - preplan to be sent early in September

·                    Creating and advisory committee to meet in Cherryfield in September - want people with a regional view.  Meetings will be public.  Hope to have a public meeting in December to review a draft plan

·                    Hope to adopt the plan in January.


Spencer - recreation program - management planning uses resource allocation areas. range from ecological reserve to timber management. Back country mechanized, back country non-mechanized, remote areas. 

Scott - identify where trails are and where new ones are needed.  Relocate trails when environmental issues preclude a current location.  Decide where to go with snowmobiles and atvs.  Challenge with rail trails.  Meeting with MDOT about the Calais Branch ROW - realizing that rail is not coming back in the short run.  MDOT is developing a proposal for removing the tracks in some sections.

Jim - interjected that a sample letter of support is available for a managment planning grant.

Scott - met with Burnham Martin about this trail.


Questions and Comments

Comment - ATVers want to be involved

Response: Scott - really need help with managing these trails.  Donnell Unit is one of the more challenging areas.  There is a lot of use with no formal trails. 

ATVs - a lot of the roads are open to ATVs - you get to the end of the road and then nowhere to go.  Creating more connected trails would discourage people from creating illegal trails.  Want connector trails from Donnell Pond north to the IP land north of Route 182

Jim - would the rail ROW help? THis would open a new direction, but would not close the current gap.

Scott -the rail ROW and some specific bridges might be priorities.


Brian - think that most use is by local people.  Is this your observation?

ATV - we live in Surry and don't have any place to go.  People here trailer to bigger areas north of Route 9.  If you open up a major trail then more people will trailer in.

Parking may be an issue as more people bring in trailers.

The Donnell Pond parking lot has some capacity. 

There are some big siding areas in Washington Junction, Harrington and other towns where parking should be possible.

Some sites have a ramp to off-load from pickup trucks.

Question about riding on private roads - in two weeks the laws will be clear that you have permission.  Some people are puting in ATV signs without the land owners permission. 

Comment from Donnell Pond owner - it will be very difficult for BPL to stop use of ATVs where they have been used to using it. 

Scott - makes sense to figure where trails should be designated.  Donnell Pond will be difficult.  Have a diverse group of users.

ATV's want a place to go.  They like to go to snack bars, gas stations, restaurants, views, etc. 


Scott - GPS'd snowmobile trails and atv trails and found that they were similar. 

Schoodic Mountain - too steep

Fiery Mountain - might be possible

Concern that people get to open areas and then ramble everywhere, causng a lot of damage.

Limited use on Tunk, Spring River and the upper ponds - ice fishing

Dust is a significant problem. Calcium costs $1,700 per mile - one treatment per year.  Ground shale works well, but trucking is costly.

Horses can be scared by mountain bikes and atvs.  Otherwise there have been few conflicts.



John - BP&L cannot manage all of the land as well as they would like.

What ideas do ATVs have?

Response: Already helping in the Cutler area - cutting an ATV system.  Filling in mud holes, building bridges,

Are users staying on it better?

Yes, it is well marked.  This trail helps to complete the system. 

Blocking the trail has not worked.  Building bridges is a better solution.

Encouraging land owners to deed right of way for ATV trails.

Forest Industry is looking for help from ATV groups, watershed councils, etc.  Now when problems arise, the industry will seek ATV clubs to help fix it.

Brian - there seem to be promising coalitions forming.


Ideas for partnership activities (note that the Plan may not include such specific activities)

·                    Sign Maintenance

·                    Clogged Culvert - bridges and box culverts cause less trouble

·                    Surface maintenance

·                    Bridge decking

·                    Routine inspection and notification of pending problems

·                    hardening the  hills

·                    in Squapan (sp? pc?) - DOC provided materials and the club built and maintain the infrastructure.

·                    Bangor Hydro has been providing telephone poles for construction projects.

·                    Jim - Beaver controls?

Brian - major issue, has to be done right

Verne - there are specialists with fisheries that remove beaver dams, install beaver resistant culverts, remove beavers.


John - this has been a productive meeting. 

Scott - partnering with clubs is a new concept from MDOT