Blackwoods Scenic Byway

Attending: Jim Fisher, Susan McLucas, John Brace, Bob LaRoche, Duane Scott, Jeremy Gabrielson, John Hitchings, Gary Edwards

Changes at MaineDOT

Landscape Department has moved to the Highway Program

State Scenic Byway Board has been reconstituted


    1. Duane Scott – do a number of out reach projects
    2. Includes transportation enhancement projects
      1. Downtown revitalization, historic preservation
    3. Will coordinate the programs – providing towns and corridor committees with a palette of program and funding alternatives



Susan McLucas - Changes at Fox Pond

Bob – Metal guardrails go through a lot of testing and the properties are known
            Reinforced wood guardrail is much more expensive.
            The byways should agree on a particular standard and put that forward to MaineDOT.
Need to work out which


Funding and Project Update

Quimby Family Foundation Proposal – trail management plan hoping to hear from them in July.

Next RFP – May be announced in August

Gary - Question about cemeteries – wondered if there was one near to Tunk Lake
No one is aware of any, though Susan has heard about an Indian Cemetary in the area.

Route 1 Corridor Management Plan – FY 2008

Route 1 Corridor Mobility and Safety Analysis

Tunk Lake Facility

Round Mountain and Long Pond

(Cherryfield Fair – Kansas Road – “Santair’s Driveway”)

Message from Lucy Whit (could not attend today) – would like to encourage improvements

Route 182 Construction

Janis Piper project manager
Jim – contact Janis and find out construction plans

Belfast Moosehead Rail removed collectables along the rail line. 
The collectables will be stored in Unity.
They will return some of these items if we have a place for them.


Cherryfield Fourth of July Celebration

June 28 6:00 PM Cherryfield Band Concert
June 29
June 30

Active Byway

Way finding Signage
Warning signage
Safety Signage
Interpretive Signs

Technology and the byway

Next meeting:
September -


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